The Albion Beatnik Bookstore website (or how a bookshop can change a light bulb)

The web and blog page of the Albion Beatnik Bookstore in Oxford: muses and misspills on books, jazz, poetry, stuff like false flags and smoke screen: is randomly decrepid and is neo-bankrupt: is so analogue it's anal.

Our Stock

INTERESTING FICTION Post-1900 fiction only is stocked: we stock the expected (Graham Greene), and the unexpected (Anna Kavan), the homely (Angela Thirkell) and the outrageous (French Surrealism). Stock is uniquely organised chronologically, that is arranged decade by decade. Browsers are encouraged to make literary associations that they had not made before. Much stock comes from the United States and not generally found in British bookshops.

lutesPOETRY Only twentieth century and contemporary poetry is stocked, with interesting bywaysbootsof English and Scottish poetry, often forgotten; American poetry is well represented, and we consider the lyrics of Tom Waits or Lou Reed as worthy of inclusion: we no fussy.

lutes and boots rhyme
as do pyjamas and gymkhanas
as do terracotta and not a lotta

POPULAR MUSIC From the early years of Broadway, the minstrel shows, an extensive blues and rock’n’roll section, through Gram Parsons, The Grateful Dead, Lester Bangs and over forty titles on Bob Dylan and American roots, we have an exciting collection of books on popular music.

vinzJAZZ We stock most jazz books in print. There are also CDs in the shop, housed in a cupboard decorated, both inside and out, by Czech-based artist Chris Vinz.

SECOND-HAND BOOKS Over half the shop is devoted to second-hand stock, especially fiction, poetry, history, art and music.